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Natasha and the Chicken-Legged House

An personal illustration project, reinterpreting a classic Slavic folktale in which a young girl named Natasha is sent by her stepmother to visit the formidable witch Baba Yaga.

Baba Yaga chicken legged house

Natasha approaching Baba Yaga's magical chicken-legged house.

babayaginterior (brighter).jpg

Natasha being ushered inside the chicken-legged house by Baba Yaga.

babayagaloom (brighter).jpg

A tearful Natasha, after being made to weave cloth for Baba Yaga on a wooden loom, is told how to escape the witch's clutches by Baba Yaga's cat.



Baba Yaga rides in her magical pestle and mortar to chase Natasha, who is using a magic woven cloth to create a river to slow Baba Yaga down.


Design sketches for the character Natasha.

Baba Yaga2.jpg
Baba Yaga1.jpg
Baba Yaga3.jpg

Design sketches for the character Baba Yaga, including an earlier design (bottom) that I ultimately abandoned in favour of the more lively, humorous designs I drew later (top left and right), which I felt fit the personality I had imagined for the character better.

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