Rainbow Ball 2022

A poster and two digital designs, made to promote and advertise Sligo Pride Festival's wonderful Rainbow Ball event for the LGBT+ community, held in Sligo on April 23rd 2022.


The official poster design for Sligo Pride's first-ever Rainbow Ball event, held in April 2022.

I was inspired by the designs of old Art Noveau-style theatre and advertisement posters for this piece, and wanted to make something similarly richly illustrated, decorative and eye-catching for this event, with an added touch of vintage elegance.

The flower motifs in the uppermost corners of the design were chosen specifically not only to be reminiscient of springtime (when the Ball will be held) but also because of their historical and symbolic significance to the LGBT+ community; violets for Sapphism—like the violets described in the poet Sappho's writings—green carnations, like those suggested by Oscar Wilde to be worn as a marker of self-identification for gay and bisexual men, and lavender, for 'lavender marriages', the so-called 'lavender menace', and all the many 'twilight' shades of LGBT+ identities in between.

This poster was also displayed on a board and carried during Sligo Pride's participation in Sligo's St. Patrick's Day Parade, during March 2022.


A small banner design for Sligo Pride's Eventbrite page, from which the digital tickets for the event were sold online.

This design was also adapted for use in printing on pin badges, which were sold during the Rainbow Ball event.


A square design for use on social media, to announce the three drag artists that were performing on the night of the event, as well as the live D.J.