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Reynard the Fox

A small series of illustrations, interpreting the medieval European stories of Reynard the Fox in an entertaining and engaging style for younger audiences.


Book cover design for Reynard the Fox.

tybertforest (compressed).jpg

Tybert the Cat makes his way through the woods.

reynardandgrimbart (compressed).jpg

Reynard confessing his crimes to his friend, Grimbart the Badger.


Reynard being defended from King Noble the Lion by Dame Rukenawe the Ape.

Reynardlyingsecond (compressed).jpg

Reynard telling a long and elaborate story to get himself out of trouble, much to the annoyance of his enemies.

reynardgrey (compressed).jpg

Portrait of a devious-looking Reynard.

reynardfamily (compressed).jpg

Reynard with Hermeline the Vixen and their children.

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